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Recreational vehicles, or RVs, provide an excuse for adventurous getaways across the country. Whether you take short trips, long journeys, or even live in your RV full-time, having the right kind of RV insurance policy is a necessity before you hit the road.

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Approximately 15% of Canadian households own an RV, according to research done by Recreational Vehicles Dealers Association of Canada. These RVs range from smaller, towable RV trailers to larger Class A, B, and C recreational vehicles.

Most towable RV units may be covered by the owner’s auto insurance, but the other classes of RVs likely will not be. It is always beneficial to check your existing insurance policy to see where gaps in your insurance protection may be. RV insurance policy premiums (expenses) are just one of the non-travel related contributing financial factors that generate over 1.5 billion dollars for the Canadian economy every year in the RV industry.

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We offer insurance policy options for towable RVs as well as Class A, Class B, and Class C recreational vehicles. The insurance coverage that’s best for you can be determined by how often you use your RV, the make and model of the RV, and whether you tow it or drive it.

RV insurance is like car insurance, but for this kind of vehicle. RVs tend to be larger, and therefore have the capacity to cause more damage than an average car can in an accident. RV insurance can be used to pay for damage caused by an accident, towing costs in case of a breakdown, injuries that may occur on the RV, and more.

There are many levels of RV insurance an owner can choose from. If you only drive your RV for short trips and leave it in storage for most of the year, campsite liability is a good insurance option to take advantage of. Campsite liability is designed to protect an RV on these short-term trips.

There is also full-time RV liability insurance, which covers people who may be living in their RV or vacationing with it long-term. This functions like a homeowner’s policy would, since many of your personal belongings would likely be traveling with you. There is an option to add emergency expense coverage to this policy, in case repairs or damage to your RV force you to seek accommodation elsewhere.

Minimum liability coverage in Canada is CAD 200,000, but liability limits and other insurance requirements can vary by province. There is an option to suspend certain aspects of your RV insurance policy, such as collision coverage, when you aren’t using your RV or when it is in storage.

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