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Why You Need ATV/UTV Insurance

Off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs are popular options for outdoor recreation in Ontario. While they may be fun to ride, these vehicles are not toys and should be driven responsibly. Yet, like any other type of vehicle, accidents do happen. Unfortunately, a minor accident on an ATV or UTV can cause serious injuries to occur. Not to mention the additional property damage these vehicles can cause.

A good plan for ATV Insurance in Ontario can help you avoid the high cost of medical bills and property damage. The right policy can also protect against theft, vandalism, and other perils. Driving an ATV without insurance carries a $5000 fine.

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Many off-road vehicle owners mistakenly believe their Homeowner’s Insurance policy covers their ATV or UTV. But that isn’t always the case. Our ATV/UTV Insurance plans provide you with coverage against theft and other issues while you have your vehicle off your own property.

An ATV/UTV Insurance policy from Duliban Insurance can provide you with peace of mind while you enjoy your favorite pastime. This policy offers coverage for Liability, Property Damage, and Accident Benefits. Additional coverage options are available for Comprehensive and Collision protection.

Most ATV Insurance plans offer Liability Coverage, Property Damage, and Accident Benefits Coverage. You can also purchase Comprehensive and Collision protection. This coverage will protect your ATV or UTV against theft, vandalism and other perils. It will also provide you with adequate protection against collision if your ATV is damaged by an accident or collision with another object.

All ATV and UTV owners should keep in mind that insurance laws and regulations vary from one province to another or one country to another. If you choose $2,000,000 in Civil Liability Coverage, you will be covered if you cause harm to anyone with your ATV or UTV, if the claim results in a lawsuit. Aside from a few exceptions, this insurance policy will cover both the material damage to your vehicle as well as any physical injuries caused by the accident.

Here is a rundown of the ATV Insurance coverage limits.

  • Bodily Injury ($25K/$50K Limits)
  • Property Damage ($25K Limit)
  • Medical Payments ($5,000 Limit)
  • Uninsured/Underinsured ($12K/$25K Limits)
  • Collision ($200 Deductible)
  • Comprehensive ($200 Deductible)

An ATV Insurance plan shouldn’t be something you think about after an accident or act of vandalism. It should be something you consider before you even purchase your new off-road vehicle. Let the experts here at Duliban Insurance Brokers help you find the right type of coverage for your ATV or UTV.

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