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Poultry Farm Insurance for Farms Within Ontario

As a farmer, keeping poultry healthy and free from disease is the number one priority. A comprehensive poultry insurance policy can help protect poultry and egg farmers from financial loss. Get coverage for farm buildings, equipment, poultry,  and more.

Poultry Farm Insurance for Farms Within Ontario

With Ontario alone employing 36% of Canada’s egg and poultry workers, poultry insurance has never been a wiser investment. At Duliban, we understand what it takes to meet the growing demands of Ontario poultry and egg producers. Our experienced farm insurance agents work closely with farmers to create a customized insurance package tailored to their specific needs. We can help protect your farm assets and minimize risks with some of the most comprehensive poultry insurance available.

Our experienced agents have in-depth knowledge of the Ontario poultry industry and are here to help your business grow. Customizable coverage allows farmers to insure machinery and boilers, pay for livestock medicine, and replace old equipment. Financial loss resulting from an electrical power interruption or broken machinery can also be covered by poultry insurance.


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Poultry farm insurance offers rural business owners’ coverage for the unique risks associated with farm work. If an accident happens on your farm, or property becomes damaged or destroyed, poultry farm insurance can get you back on your feet. Work with boilers, heavy machinery, and other farm equipment can be dangerous and sometimes lead to accidents. Without coverage, a farm owner could face financial ruin as a result.

Depending on the type of farm operation, farm owners will need to choose the most appropriate options. Following is a description of the product details.

  • Premises Liability – Anyone who rents or owns a farm, as well as the lands and fields, can insure farm buildings such as barns, sheds, storage houses, pens, and other dwellings.
  • Operational Liability – This policy is necessary if there is any risk of bodily injury or property damage being caused by general farming operations.
  • Machinery and Equipment Breakdown – When farming equipment breaks down, the resulting loss can be financially devastating. Coverage not only helps pay for replacements and repairs, but also for general maintenance.
  • Animal Liability – The health of poultry is one of the most critical aspects of the farm business. Poultry insurance covers farmers for all the typical risks associated with chicken farming.
  • Product Liability – In the event of a quality control issue, product liability coverage can help you recover losses resulting from product recalls and contaminated products.
  • Pollution Liability – Accidents such as fuel spills, chemical spills, and the emission of pollution from farm equipment can potentially result in property damage or interrupt business operations. Including pollution liability coverage will cover clean-up costs, bodily injury, and property damage.

Depending on the primary focus of your farming business, different coverage options may be more appropriate than others. Although general farming insurance products are available, poultry farmers are advised to choose a type of coverage specifically suited to their farm. Our Duliban agents can help you find the best policies during a personal consultation.

Duliban creates custom-designed poultry farm insurance packages to meet the specific needs of Canadian farm owners. Each poultry farm is just as unique as the individual running it. Our experienced agents take all the details of your farm into consideration to get you the best protection possible.

With Duliban poultry farm insurance, farmers can have peace of mind knowing that their animals, equipment, and belongings are protected in an emergency. We offer detailed coverage and comprehensive options to cover all rural life’s circumstances. Policies can include the following items:

  • Farm dwellings and their contents – We offer guaranteed replacement costs on claims.
  • Outbuildings on the farm – Comprehensive coverage includes damage caused by snow, building collapse, the replacement cost of fixed equipment, debris removal, and inflation protection.
  • Farm machinery – Receive the replacement cost on all equipment and machinery up to five years old. Non-owned farm machinery and loss of use included.
  • Livestock – Coverage available for heat prostration, removal of dead stock, transportation of poultry, and consequential loss. Livestock must be insured for its maximum value at its completed stage. Your barn, to qualify for heat prostration coverage, must be equipped with adequate ventilation and may not be overfilled. Automatic generators and alarms must be tested
  • Produce – Coverage includes refrigerated and non-refrigerated produce as well as livestock medicine.
  • Liability – Farm, personal, and limited pollution liability policies are available.
  • Loss of income – Farm owners can be reimbursed for the actual loss

Our Duliban agents will help you navigate through a comprehensive list of options to assemble a custom-tailored policy for your poultry farm.

Liability policies include the following:

  • Farm and Personal Liability – $2,000,000 (higher limits negotiable)
  • Limited Pollution Liability – $2,000,000 / $3,000,000
  • Add extensions to your policy – cover ponds, pools, hot tubs, custom farming up to $10,000, and multiple poultry locations.

Optional business interruption coverage is suggested, but not required in case of a devastating loss. Lost income can be replaced for up to 18 months after a claim. This coverage can help pay for costs associated with rebuilding a barn, replacing equipment and other related expenses.

Read our customer testimonials and find out first-hand what people are saying about Duliban poultry insurance. Our customer testimonials are proof of our devotion to protecting Ontario’s poultry farmers with quality insurance coverage.

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