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Horse Insurance for Ontario Farm Owners

Horse insurance provides farm owners with coverage that protects their horses from a variety of hazards. The right horse insurance policy will cover your horse in the event of disease, injury, theft and more.

Equine Insurance Quotes for Ontario Farmers

At Duliban Insurance we understand the different roles horses may play in your life. From beloved pet to workhorse to a top performing athlete, we can help you put together the right protection for your investment. If you are looking for horse insurance in Ontario, let the trusted experts at Duliban guide you along the process. There can be much stress involved when treating an injury or illness associated with horses. We can help you shoulder some of that stress by providing you with the right insurance program.


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Horse insurance may have started as protection against theft, today it is an all-encompassing product the covers everything from the death of the animal to loss of use. When looking for the right insurance policy, keep in mind that many insurers will require a thorough veterinary exam before the coverage being taken out. The insurance companies want to make sure that the horse is disease-free and in overall good health. They may also perform a brief lameness exam and may request the horse’s past medical and surgical history.

It’s imperative that you know your needs and the reasons for obtaining horse insurance. Consider your horse’s activity, risks, and current health status. You should choose a policy that fits your lifestyle.

Most limited mortality policies allow you to add additional specific perils such as an attack by a wild animal or dog. When taking out the policy, be sure you are aware of your responsibilities if your horse becomes ill or hurt. There are guidelines for emergency situations and end-of-life decisions, be sure that you understand them. We will be happy to discuss any concerns or clear up any confusion you may have regarding equine insurance.

There are a few types of coverages to look at when taking out a horse insurance policy.

Mortality insurance is usually offered as full mortality and theft which is like a term life insurance policy. Or they are offered as limited mortality insurance which covered the death of a horse from covered perils such as fire, disasters, or vehicle accidents.

Surgical insurance is a policy purchased in addition to mortality policies. It provides coverage against financial loss in the event a licensed veterinarian must perform life-saving surgery. In some cases, it may also cover medical costs from the operation.

Major medical insurance is an add-on to a mortality policy. It covers the hospitalization and long-term medical therapy your horse may need.

Loss of use, to understand this coverage, think of it as a human disability policy. If you have a high performing horse worth a substantial dollar amount, you can insure that high earning activity.

Stallion fertility is coverage for conditions associated with breeding injuries, genital tumors, and testicular diseases. This coverage is dependent on the stallion fertility before the policy being taken out.

Transport covers short-term trips not covered by most mortality policies like international or air travel.

Liability insurance is a significant coverage that protects third parties if your horse injures someone or causes property damage. There are specific insurance policies for coaches, stable owners, outfitters, clubs and those that offer therapeutic services.

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