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Hog Insurance for Ontario Farm Owners

Hog Insurance helps pig farmers protect their livestock in the event of a disaster. From wildfire to infestation, to even disease, the right hog insurance will provide coverage that every pig farmer needs to reduce risks and business interruptions.

Hog Insurance Quotes for Ontario Farmers

Duliban Insurance Brokers understands the dire need for hog insurance in Ontario. Considering the abundance of hog farms in Ontario, it is safe to say that hog farming is a profitable industry that helps many families pay their bills, put food on the table, and make a living overall. Therefore, if the farmer loses the ability to farm pigs, their entire livelihood goes out the window. Duliban Insurance Brokers can help prevent this from happening.

One of the major questions is how much is hog insurance and is it cost effective. Duliban Insurance Brokers understands the need to save money while protecting your business investment. The best way to make sure this can occur is to contact the experts at Duliban Insurance Brokers. Their insurance experts can help provide you a quote and explain the coverage and all of its benefits.


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Hog farm insurance, like many liability insurances, is not required by law. However, it may, in fact, be required by any loan company that is helping you finance your farm, whether it be a business loan or mortgage. The coverage will not only cover the pigs on the farm; it will help protect your farm and anything that can interrupt your pig farm business.

It is important to remember that farming livestock, such as pigs, is a business, not a hobby. Therefore, like any business, it is essential to anticipate losses and try to cover the financial interest in the business as well as possible. Duliban’s hog farm insurance allows for you to do just that; protect your business interests.

Duliban’s Hog Farm Insurance is designed specifically for pig farmers in Ontario. As a pig farmer, you have more to worry about than the ability to raise and farm pigs. Any number of issues can occur that can put you out of business if you are not properly covered. Here are some of the coverages that Duliban’s hog farm insurance offers:

  • Cash Value: You will receive the cash for the value of your property on your hog farm, such as the value of the barn or other buildings. This may also cover the replacement value of your equipment if it is damaged.
  • Business Interruption: Should a covered event occur, your policy can help provide you cash payments for the value of the business while it is interrupted. This will help cover your losses during the time that is needed to rebuild your pig farm, make repairs, and even raise more pigs.
  • Animal Replacement: Should your animals die as the result of disease, accident, or natural disaster, this policy will help pay for the replacement of the pigs for farming.

These are just a few of the losses covered by hog farm insurance. The concept is to allow the farmer to rebuild the farm without a loss that could lead to bankruptcy or a permanent closure.

In order to determine your options available under hog farm insurance in Ontario, contact the experts at Duliban Insurance Brokers. They will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote based on your needs.

Duliban Insurance Brokers have a wonderful reputation in the farming community, whether the farmers are hog farmers, vegetative farmers, or farming other livestock. Read below to see what our customers have to say about our company and services.

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