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Livestock Insurance in Ontario

Livestock, such as goats, cows, pigs, and other animals, are a large part of your farm’s livelihood. If they get injured, ill, or stolen, your farm and source of revenue could suffer tremendously. Therefore, it is essential to protect them and insure them through Livestock Insurance.

Protecting Your Livelihood

In Canada, cattle farms alone, house over 11,000 cattle. Many of these farms are responsible for the meat and milk production for Canadian residents, not to mention the production of leather goods used for import and export trades.

In 2018, over 150 cattle were classified as damaged due to medical issues. While this amount only accounts for about 1% of cattle throughout the country, they were not spread evenly through the farms housing the livestock. The farms that were affected most severely lost thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue as a result of the loss. Livestock Insurance protects the farm and its ability to continue to make money and export byproducts of the livestock.

Product Details

Livestock Insurance is a surefire way to protect your farming business from loss financially. Animals can get sick or be affected by a natural disaster. Animals can be injured by stray dogs or even coyotes entering your farm. The breeding season may not produce viable livestock for the upcoming season.

Whatever the issue, proper Livestock Insurance coverage will help protect your farm from financial loss. The coverage will pay a claim resulting from an inability to use livestock for profitable means. For instance, if the cattle meat is not able to be used for food, you can submit a claim to protect your loss without having to “lose the farm.”

Coverage Details

Duliban’s Livestock Insurance covers your poultry farm as well. While Poultry Farm Insurance covers broilers, broiler-breeders, turkeys, egg producers, and qualified backup systems. Should there be an accidental or sudden loss of power that results in a loss or injury to poultry as well as your livestock, the livestock coverage will pay the claim.

When dealing with cows, there is coverage for:

  • Theft
  • Collision
  • Overturned transporting land vehicles
  • Lightning and electrocution
  • Drowning
  • Attach by wild animals

The claim will be covered if any of these issues result in loss of revenue from the harm to the livestock or its byproducts. There are other situations that may affect the profitability and your farm’s livelihood; such as an interruption in the operation of a heating or ventilation system to the building.

Other coverages include Farm and Stablemen’s Liability for those providing the care, boarding, and control of livestock of others. There are also Liability Coverage extensions which include coverages for entrapment, casting, bloat or grain overload, colic, and even animal birth.

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