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Greenhouse Insurance in Ontario

Greenhouse insurance provides Ontario farms with protection from natural calamities, like snowstorms and floods. With Ontario being home to almost a thousand farms, environmental coverage, like greenhouse insurance is important to have.

Greenhouse Insurance Quotes for Ontario Farms

Greenhouses are designed differently, unlike other architectural structures. Hence they require specialist attention. Greenhouses use power boilers and chemicals, amongst many other factors that can cause damage to the site and more importantly, to the 16,000 people employed in Ontario’s agricultural industry.

Without greenhouse insurance for Ontario, greenhouse owners are putting their livelihood at stake. An adequate insurance plan covers a greenhouse company’s assets and guards the company against any liabilities imposed.

Duliban Insurance Brokers has been in business since 1976. Having worked with multiple greenhouse owners in Ontario, we understand the unique facilities at work in a greenhouse, and the appropriate coverage needed to ensure maximum protection.

We make sure you get the lowest quotation price- by purchasing your coverage from multiple providers and having them compete for a custom quote. For the safety of your greenhouse business, it is imperative that you purchase greenhouse insurance for Ontario from a reputable and reliable insurance broker, like Duliban.

Covering your Greenhouse Operations

Greenhouses are complex structures that require adequate maintenance and protection from damages general insurance providers might not be familiar with. Arranging greenhouse coverage through our office allows you to work with our professionals.

Our brokers are well-versed with industry’s trends in both the insurance and farm landscape. This allows us to arrange accurate coverage that is tailored for your greenhouse operation. In addition to this, we are able to seamlessly communicate to you, the greenhouse farmer.

In today’s industry, there are a wide variety of building materials for Greenhouse structures. Whether you grow under polythene, glass, poly or acrylic, we understand the building materials and structures that protect your investment.

Greenhouse structures are susceptible to harsh conditions such as; hail, snowstorms, rain and the strong winds that frequent Ontario. Having this knowledge allows us to review your unique operations and tailor fit coverage to what you would like. Having industry leading tools and experts, we are able to build a insurance program that is specific for your greenhouse operations.

Our brokers are committed to the protection of your greenhouse, crops, equipment and your day-to-day activities on your property. Having appropriate coverage for your family farm is important. However, understanding what you are covered for is something we strive to do. This is important to us as in the event of a claim, you are properly covered and educated.

We leave no one in the dark about the change insurance landscape and coverages. Undervalued insurance for your operation leads to insufficient coverage – a situation no farmer should ever have to be in. With valuable farm assets involved, we make it our priority that your operation, assets, and liability are properly insured.

At Duliban Insurance, we customize an insurance program that covers all aspects of your dairy farm. This includes but not limited to; machinery, robotic systems, outbuildings, produce, liability, and operations. We eliminate any confusion our clients might have, through frequent communication and expert advice. Allow us to review your greenhouse operation and provide accurate, updated insurance options and packages within our brokerage.

Coverage Details

Duliban Insurance is committed to ensuring the protection of your greenhouse, crops, equipment and your day-to-day activities on your property. It is important that you understand your options and the coverages available so that in the event of a claim, you are covered.

What can be covered under Greenhouse Insurance?

  • Greenhouse
  • Equipment
  • Crops
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Business interruption
  • Peak season
  • Outbuildings

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