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Greenhouse insurance provides Ontario farms with protection from natural calamities, like snowstorms and floods. With Ontario being home to almost a thousand farms, environmental coverage, like greenhouse insurance is important to have.

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Greenhouses are designed differently, unlike other architectural structures. Hence they require specialist attention. Greenhouses use power boilers and chemicals, amongst many other factors that can cause damage to the site and more importantly, to the 16,000 people employed in Ontario’s agricultural industry.

Without greenhouse insurance for Ontario, greenhouse owners are putting their livelihood at stake. An adequate insurance plan covers a greenhouse company’s assets and guards the company against any liabilities imposed.

Duliban Insurance Brokers has been in business since 1976. Having worked with multiple greenhouse owners in Ontario, we understand the unique facilities at work in a greenhouse, and the appropriate coverage needed to ensure maximum protection.

We make sure you get the lowest quotation price- by purchasing your coverage from multiple providers and having them compete for a custom quote. For the safety of your greenhouse business, it is imperative that you purchase greenhouse insurance for Ontario from a reputable and reliable insurance broker, like Duliban.

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Duliban Insurance Brokers are partnered by Canada’s top insurers who make sure that you a purchase a plan that fits your individual business’ needs. Greenhouses are complex structures that require adequate maintenance and protection from damages general insurance providers might not be familiar with. Purchasing greenhouse insurance for Ontario from Duliban Insurance Brokers means that you work with experts, professionals who are well-versed with the industry’s norms.

Whether you grow under polythene, glass, polycarbonate or acrylic, we understand the science behind these materials. We know about their different characteristics, and how each material reacts under hail, snowstorms, rain and the strong winds that frequent Ontario.

Having such insight, we are able to obtain a comprehensive greenhouse insurance for Ontario plan for you, which covers every minute detail of your greenhouse. Ontario is a populated hub for greenhouse agriculture, prone to different liabilities that a business can face at any given time. You can have liabilities imposed on your business for onsite and offsite risks- such as injuries, occurring anywhere from a fall, or a delivery truck accident.

Such liabilities can arise at the worst time, negatively affecting business. Duliban Insurance Brokers provide you with an insurance plan that aptly covers any such liabilities.

Duliban Insurance Brokers also protect greenhouse owners against damages caused by natural disasters such as hailstorms and snowstorms. Greenhouses are susceptible to structural damage caused by hail, and strong winds. Incidents in the past have resulted in greenhouses collapsing due to excessive snowfall, creating a horrific situation for the owner.

Not only do Duliban Insurance Brokers assist greenhouse owners to get compensation for damages, but they also help restore the damage. Through detailed greenhouse insurance for Ontario plans, they help make rebuilding a swifter process through their ties with greenhouse builders.

Duliban Insurance Brokers’ customized greenhouse insurance for Ontario plan provides comprehensive coverage for greenhouse owners as well as nursery or garden center owners. They protect their assets from harm, and they also guard them against any accidental liabilities.

Duliban Insurance is committed to ensuring the protection of your greenhouse, crops, equipment and your day-to-day activities on your property. It is important that you understand your options and the coverages available so that in the event of a claim, you are covered.

What can be covered under Greenhouse Insurance?

    • Greenhouse
    • Equipment
    • Crops
    • Equipment breakdown
    • Business interruption
    • Peak season

Duliban Insurance Brokers are proud to be able to provide a ‘Hometown Broker’ feeling to their customers. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with dedicated service- for whom we strive to obtain the best fitting insurance plans at an affordable quote. In return, their satisfaction is our most prized achievement. Here is what they have to say about us:

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