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Cash Crop Insurance in Ontario

With rising costs, changing climate, and global competition, Ontario Farmers need Cash Crop insurance coverage to protect their land and investments.

Cash Crop Insurance Quotes for Ontario Farms

Duliban Insurance has been catering to Ontario since 1976. The firm’s expertise in providing tailor-made and relevant insurance plans has earned it the title of ‘Hometown Brokers.’ Providing five different types of Farm Insurance – including cash crop insurance Ontario – Duliban Insurance provides the solution to Ontario farmers’ problems. No matter where you are in Ontario, Duliban Insurance is well-equipped to cater to all your farm insurance needs and provide you with a free quotation.

Ontario farms have the highest cash crop produce in Canada, which also puts them at the highest risk level. With natural factors such as rain and the overall climate in play, losses are unpredictable, which the farmers need to prepare for, through crop insurance in Ontario.

Cash Crop Coverage in Ontario

At Duliban we recognize the changes in prices and variables in the market for cash crops farms in Ontario. As your storage, production capacity, and farm operations grow, so should your insurance claim. Our office offers Farm Insurance programs that cater to the gradual growth of farm as well as the quantity of produce.

At our brokerage, we offer farm insurance programs that are customized solutions, without compromising on coverage. We understand the importance of crop insurance in Ontario and that the coverage is up to date with the market standards and offer insurance options for you. This is done by monitoring the gradual growth in produce value and pairing the correct coverage to do so.

We consistently review the market and monitor changes in the industry. Too often have we reviewed external policies and found inadequate coverages or insufficient coverages when quoting a potential farm. Our team ensures an open dialog when reviewing your current policy when you first come to our brokerage to provide you confidence in your insurance package.

It doesn’t stop here, we make sure we are transparent about your insurance policy with you. We are available to discuss any concerns or changes with the on going growth of your farm. This is important as we want to ensure the policy is amended to reflect the changes you make on your hobby farm or commercial farming operations.

We leave no one in the dark about the change insurance landscape and coverages. Undervalued insurance for your production value leads to insufficient coverage – a situation no farmer should ever have to be in. With valuable farm assets involved, we make it our priority that your operation, assets, and liability are properly insured.

Duliban strives to provide the best solutions for all your requirements.  This is why our brokers find farm coverage for you that goes beyond the basic insurance policy. We ensure coverage expands to other assets that are vital for a farm.

Our brokers customize a policy around you and your needs. This includes insurance for all aspects of your farm including; machinery, outbuildings, produce, liability, and operations. At Duliban, we eliminate any confusion our clients might have, through frequent communication and expert advice.

Coverage Details

Duliban Insurance emphasizes on the importance of ensuring that your farm machinery, farm produce, land, as well as other assets, are insured under their full farm value. To properly document and ensure that your insurance coverage is sufficient to cover the harvest produced, it is important for farmers to record their harvest using a monthly reporting form. This crops insurance Ontario limit is set by calculating the real maximum value of the cash crops produced that are in the bin storage. A deposit premium will be charged off this maximum bin storage limit.

Monthly reminders

Duliban Farm Insurance professionals will assist and remind you at the beginning of every month to provide the current value of the produced cash crops in Ontario. The difference in the amounts of the value in the bin storage and the amount of harvest sold will help Duliban professionals ascertain an average amount of crop-produce that was in the storage for the policy tenure.

A Duliban professional will calculate the average harvest values that were a risk when the time arrives for the end of the policy term. The average value of harvests kept in the bin storage will be adjusted against the amount of premium paid during the life of the policy. Such a policy ensures that farmers avail maximum possible coverage in case of a tragedy during the life of the policy, but the final adjustment of the premiums paid will reflect the coverage which was actually required.

Not confined to cash crops

A solid crops insurance Ontario policy is not only confined to cash crops but also caters to other assets at risk. Such insurance includes coverage for loss to the bin storage facility or the grain handling facility.

After the painful harvesting period, bin storage facilities provide a safe shelter for cash crops in Ontario and any damage to these facilities can prove to be disastrous for a farmer. This additional insurance also provides coverage for the extra costs of transporting, drying, storing, etc.

Coverage for farm machinery

Another type of additional insurance, which is part of a comprehensive crop insurance Ontario policy is, coverage for farm machinery. Pieces of equipment which are vital for sowing and harvesting crops require coverage in case of damage or loss. Some pieces of farm machinery are quite expensive and require protection.

Duliban Insurance finds the best possible quotes for you to add this equipment to a single insurance plan at minimal cost. The insurance limit for recently purchased equipment (purchased less than five years earlier) can be set at the purchase price. The claims for losses against such equipment are settled without incorporating depreciation. Annual reviews of equipment mean older equipment is insured with the limit of similarly used equipment.

Many farmers own multiple pieces of farmland. Your crops insurance Ontario policy needs to provide for all such pieces of land that fall under your ownership. At a minimal additional premium surcharge, the coverage is extended to all farmlands, covering them against any unforeseen incidents. The more farmlands you own, the more you are prone to risk. Vital items such as cash crops in Ontario are at stake. Furthermore, as your machinery travels between farms, their risk is increased due to their exposure on the roadways. In such a situation, it is advised to choose a higher insurance limit and cover such assets as it warrants peace of mind.

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