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Understanding Restaurant Insurance in Ontario

Did you know restaurants are one of the few businesses that are required to have insurance before doors can open? This is mainly a result of serving food and beverages which causes a few factors to come into play: who can receive alcohol, the temperature of the food, how it needs to be prepared, health department requirements regarding the restaurant’s layout, etc.


What Is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant insurance is very similar to Small Business Insurance. It provides restaurant owners and operators with the coverage they need for general liability, accidents, slip and fall claims, property damage, etc. Although, there are a lot of added questions that you’ll want to make sure your insurance coverage plan answers.

The way restaurant insurance works and what your coverage plan should include will vary depending on your specific restaurant (do you serve alcohol, your hours of operation, etc.). Regardless, it is worth it to note that your coverage plan should include much more than just general liability coverage.


What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover?

So, what exactly can and should restaurant insurance cover?

  • General Liability: This is the mandatory coverage any restaurant must maintain at the bare minimum and helps protect the restaurant when a person is injured on the premises through things like a slip and fall or other types of general injuries.
  • Property Insurance: This type of restaurant insurance in Ontario will protect your business in the event the restaurant has a fire, vandalism, or other types of property.
  • Commercial Auto: This type of coverage helps protect a restaurant when an employee is injured while driving on the job. It would also help protect any company vehicles in the event of an accident.
  • Food Contamination Coverage: This coverage would help protect the financial interests of the restaurant if a claim is brought against the establishment for food poisoning and will help pay any legal fees and medical fees associated.
  • Business Interruption or Loss of Business: If a business is not able to operate, this coverage can help pay bills, like rent and utilities, and even help pay off loans taken to help open the establishment.


Risks Of Not Carrying Restaurant Insurance

In the event of a claim being filed against your business, not having restaurant insurance could be financially devastating. For all businesses but in the restaurant industry especially, being able to stay open is crucial.

To have success in the restaurant industry you must have the ability to operate and not have disruptions to your business. Proper insurance will cover any liabilities and can also help your business stay open and operational despite any disruptions.


Should I Get Liquor Liability Insurance For My Restaurant?

If you serve alcohol, the short answer is yes. Having Liquor Liability Insurance is incredibly important for restaurant owners.

As noted by Josh Mashinter, Duliban Farm & Commercial Account Producer,: “Typically, liquor liability is a separate form of coverage under most restaurant policies. If you had a claim that was tied to serving somebody alcohol (i.e., somebody driving off and getting hurt because they were under the influence and overserved at your establishment) it would fall under your liquor liability coverage.”


How You Can Get Started

If you have specific questions relating to Restaurant Insurance, the Duliban Insurance Brokers team is here to help! Contact us today to find answers to your questions and to get a free quote based on your specific needs.

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