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Rental Property Insurance in Ontario

Rental property insurance provides landlords the protection they need to cover unforeseen damage expenses caused by disasters like fires, flooding and other specific coverages that are unique for residential reality. The right rental property insurance will also cover contents, third-party liability and more.

Free Rental Property Insurance Quotes

Duliban proudly offers comprehensive landlord insurance coverage to Ontario’s rental property owners. When looking for an online quote, you’ll want to know precisely what your policy includes. At Duliban, we provide free quotes for rental property insurance in Ontario. Our insurance experts are familiar with the unique needs of today’s landlords. We analyze your individual circumstances and assemble a policy package with the protection your dwelling needs.

At the same time, we share all the coverage details with you, so you can decide which policies and add-ons are right for your property. Duliban offers a variety of products that cater to the specific needs of apartment, residential, condo, student, and Airbnb landlords. Our full spectrum of products provides comprehensive coverage as either standalone rental property insurance or a combined policy with your homeowner’s insurance.

Cover your investment

The location of your property, the type of tenants, and the design of the home are all factors that can help determine if additional coverage options are necessary. For example, short-term leases are typically considered to be riskier than long-term leases. Depending on the type of rental property, landlords can choose from five different policies that suit specific requirements.

  • Residential rental property insurance: This coverage protects properties with one to six family units.
  • Apartment building insurance: A building that houses seven or more families will need this coverage.
  • Student rental unit coverage: This policy is for landlords renting to students. Note that residency rules can have a significant impact on insurance premiums.
  • Rented condo insurance: This type of coverage will protect condo owners on an individual basis.
  • Airbnb rental coverage: Seasonal property renters, out-of-town owners, and landlords providing other short-term rentals benefit from this specific policy.

Duliban coverage for landlords is available in combination with a homeowner’s policy, or on a standalone basis. Depending on your property portfolio, you may wish to group multiple rentals into one policy. As an alternative, landlords can pick separate policies that best suit different types of properties. Our agents can help you find the most appropriate solutions for your specific property needs.

Landlord insurance packages protect policyholders from typical disasters associated with rental properties. Most rental property insurance policies are customized to meet the specific needs of individual landlords. However, several situations are universally covered by your rental property insurance policy. Landlord insurance includes the following.

Structural damage coverage

  • Damage to the property itself can result from severe snow, wind, hail, or fire. Any appliances or property provided to tenants for use during the rental period are also covered in your landlord insurance policy. However, tenants’ personal property is not insured and can only be covered by the tenant’s private insurance policy.

Fair rental income protection

  • Many unforeseeable events can make a property uninhabitable. Those with landlord insurance can use fair rental income protection to get reimbursement for the lost income from their rental property.

Liability insurance

  • If a tenant or guest of a tenant is injured on your property, they may try to sue you for damages. For example, broken pavement could cause a tenant to slip, and they may sue you for negligence. Landlord insurance coverage will protect you from the financial consequences of a lawsuit.

Protection for loss of rental income

  • There are endless reasons why tenants can fail to pay rent. When tenants fail to pay up, landlord insurance can reimburse property owners for their losses. Similarly, if you’re unable to rent a property due to fire, or other structural damage, you can receive payment for the lost rental income.

Coverage Limits

At Duliban Insurance, we offer a wide range of companies that have custom programs that offer landlords protection with limits based either on the actual cash value, or the replacement cost.

  • The actual cash value – is based on the depreciated value of the property. This amount may not be enough to cover the costs of repairs and replacements.
  • The replacement cost – covers the entire amount necessary to repair or replace the items to their original state.

Should a tenant or their guest become injured on your rental property, your coverage will pay for legal fees, lost wages, and defense costs in cases of legal negligence. Payment is settled on behalf of the policyholder and take care of any associated legal fees. Policyholders only pay the deductible and any incurring excess.


Duliban rental property insurance features personal liability protection. Policyholders can choose between $1 million and $2 million in coverage.

Should a tenant or their guest become injured on your rental property, your coverage will pay for legal fees, lost wages, and defense costs in cases of legal negligence. We settle on behalf of the policyholder and take care of any associated legal fees. Policyholders only pay the deductible and any incurring excess.


Many other property disasters can occur without warning. To adequately protect your property, Duliban offers policy add-ons that include the following.

Vandalism protection

  • Vandalism can result in structural or property damage that costs thousands of dollars. Broken windows, damaged doors, and torn electrical outlets are some examples of vandalism that tenants or their guests could potentially cause. Rental property insurance will help pay for repairs.

Theft damage

  • If you’re renting out a furnished apartment, landlord insurance coverage can protect your property inside the dwelling. Content coverage can include carpets, curtains, and other furnishings provided for tenant use.

Construction coverage

  • Most landlords will face renovations or repairs during the life of their property. However, this can mean a property remains uninhabited for months. Rental property insurance covers this lost income, so you can complete your home makeover on a budget.

Building code rider

  • When the building codes of a locality change suddenly, landlords can be faced with a financial burden when bringing their property back up to code. This endorsement can pay for the costs associated with making the required renovations.

Pet coverage

  • The arrival of pets can present a whole new set of challenges for a rental property. An add-on to cover tenants’ pets can help cover the costs of pet-related damages.

Natural disaster protection

  • Property located in an area prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, or other natural disasters, will require a rider or separate policy.

Non-occupied dwelling endorsement

  • Unoccupied properties lose coverage for claims after 30 days. This add-on covers your dwelling after the initial 30-day restriction.

Heating and air-conditioning coverage

  • This endorsement will reimburse a landlord for costs resulting from disruptions in a property’s heating or air-conditioning system.

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