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Contractors Coverage in Ontario Made Simple

Contractors in Ontario need accurate liability insurance to protect themselves from losses and risks associated with operating a business.

We will take the time to understand your unique operations and help you find Contractors Insurance in Ontario that matches your business needs at a competitive rate.

Contractor Insurance Quotes for Business’ in Ontario

Business owners and independent contractors alike can obtain a quote for their contractor liability insurance in Ontario easier than ever before. One of the most popular options is to head online to request a quote directly from an insurer. However, your results will be limited to the specific carrier you contact. As a broker, we have access to over 20 different insurance carriers that are able to provide us a unique quote that is specific for your operations.

As insurance brokers will need to know several things about the business you run. Questions such as:

  • How many employees you have?
  • Where do you employees conduct work for you?
  • Are your employees part-time, full-time or subcontracted?
  • How long you have worked in the specific industry?
  • How many claims you have filed in the past?
  • Details of any claims filed
  • The risks associated with operating your business

With the above information, we will approach the carriers in our office can secure quotations from multiple, high-quality insurance carriers. The result will be finding contractor insurance in Ontario matching your business needs at the most competitive rate.

Commercial Coverage for your Contracting Business

Whether you own an HVAC company, public construction company, a small shop, or a computer business, you will want to look into protecting your hard work and assets with liability insurance.

There are so many reasons why a small company or contractor should acquire contractor liability insurance in Ontario. Every business has an exposure to a liability lawsuit. Consider a customer slipping and falling at your office or job site. The ensuing lawsuit can time up your time, your business capital, and in severe cases require the liquidation of assets to pay for a settlement.

In addition to liability exposures, businesses may also be held responsible for damage caused to someone else’s property. Being adequately insured provides you peace of mind that should something was to happen where an extensive damage was caused to personal property, the cost to replace or repair the property will be covered by an insurance company, and not your bank account.

Contents and equipment coverage can be built into these contractor policies. In some cases, these are major assets to a business and require coverage in case of damage or loss. The insurance limit for recently purchased equipment (purchased less than five years earlier) can be set at the purchase price. The claims for losses against such equipment are settled without incorporating depreciation.

As equipment gets older, coverage is amended from Replacement Cost to Actual Cash Value which a payout in the event of a claim includes depreciation.

You must also keep in mind when searching for contractor insurance in Ontario; our area can be one of the most dangerous places to work in the country. Being in Ontario, we are exposed to extreme climate changes that allows ample opportunities for construction and roofing businesses. However, these are some of the most dangerous jobs in Ontario which comes with a large liability exposure for contractors.

Allow our office to review your business and operations entirely and understand what exposures you are open to. We can then seek out an appropriate policy within our office that covers you for all of the exposures your business is susceptible to.

Coverage Details

Protecting yourself and your business should be your top priority when searching for a liability insurance policy. The construction industry is one of the most susceptible businesses for liability lawsuits. A contractors liability insurance policy has specific coverage components to provide much-needed coverage in the event of a claim.

Bodily Injury – This coverage is provided to cover claims in the event of certain claims to cover the financial loss caused by an injury caused by you or one of your employees. Injury can have occurred anywhere including the business office or on the job site. This coverage does not provide protection for injury to your employees however.

Property Damage – If you or one of your employees damages property owned by others, this coverage will provide the funds necessary to repair or replace the damaged item, up to the limits of the policy. This coverage does not provide protection for damage to your work, however.

Advertising – Protection under a contractors liability policy will cover businesses in the event of a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement when advertising their services.

Reputation – A contractors liability policy, if selected, can provide coverage in the event your business is harmed by certain claims of libel, slander, malicious prosecution, and violation of privacy rights.

Medical Payments – While bodily injury pays for the financial loss resulting from someone becoming injured, medical payments coverage provides first dollar coverage for medical bills.

Rented Premises – Coverage is provided if your business rents a location and the property is damaged while occupying the space.

In addition to these basic liability coverages, many contractors insurance policies can provide additional extensions for coverage. For example:

Cyber Liability – The rate of cyber liability claims is skyrocketing. If your business stores any personally identifiable information such as birthdays, credit card numbers, addresses, and other key information, your business has a cyber liability exposure. All it takes is one lost laptop to result in the exposure of individual information.

Work Performed by Subcontractors – Most contractors liability insurance policies exclude coverage for work done by subcontractors. For example, if you are remodeler who hires an electrician, any damage caused by the electrician are his responsibility. However, if the electrician is not properly insured, or simply leaves town, your business will be on the hook. Coverage extending to work performed by subcontractors can be included on your policy to add an extra layer of protection.

Hired and Non-Owned Automobile – Most contractors will have an automobile policy providing hired and non-owned automobile coverage. However, in the few instances where no commercial vehicles are owned, you will want to include this coverage extension. This extension covers claims when renting, borrowing, or using a non-owned automobile for business.

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