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Tesla started a trend with electric cars and we want to follow suit by offering the first electric vehicle group insurance program in Ontario. This program provides savings of up to 35% on your home and EV insurance when bundled together. You can learn more about Tesla insurance and other electric vehicles on our blog.

What is Electric Car Insurance?

If you already own an EV, looking to buy one or thinking of making the change, the electric vehicle insurance group plan offered by Duliban Insurance Brokers is the best place to start. We have partnered with Aviva Insurance, Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario and the Tesla Global Owners Club to provide the best coverage plan for all electric vehicles on the road.

Electric vehicles are more complicated compared to their gas-powered counterpart in terms of more technology, charging and battery power. Electric vehicles are becoming very popular and more main stream but in terms of insurance it is considered a niche product.  More insurance companies are starting to recognize the increased safety features of EVs and are tailoring their rates to reflect it.

All EVs Covered

Every Battery and Plug-In Hybrid vehicle is covered including all Tesla models as well as Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi Outlander.

Additional Discounts

Our electric vehicle group program automatically includes the Green Vehicle discount (5%) and Automatic Emergency Braking discount (15%).

24/365 Claims Service

We are here for you! In case of an emergency our claims line remains open all year round to make sure your claim will get started asap.

Exclusive EV Membership

Through our partnership with the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario, you can join an online network of electric car enthusiasts.

Unique rates for EV owners

Duliban Insurance Brokers has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario to offer a unique group insurance rate for all electric vehicle owners in Ontario. More than just Tesla insurance, all battery and plug in hybrid vehicles qualify for this discount and when you add your home insurance you can save up to 35%*.

* The discount is subject to becoming a member of the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario. Prices provided on the phone are based on membership, we can provide documentation to sign up for the membership to receive the discounts

Some of the most popular battery electric vehicles covered through the electric vehicle insurance group plan are: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus and Hyundai

Plug-in hybrid vehicles include: Toyota Prius, BMW i3, Volvo XC90, Ford Fusion and Chrysler Pacifica

You will not find a more dedicated, motivated and educated team that makes up the best electric vehicle insurance brokerage in Ontario. Duliban has been nominated one of the 10 best insurance brokerages in Canada for 2019.

Coverage Details

To get these quotes, we made some assumptions about driving behaviour, these quotes are based for a 35-year-old living in Oakville, Ontario with a clean driving record. You can look at how our electric car insurance program compares against non-electric vehicles.

Even with the Ontario EV incentive removed, the savings from insurance and avoiding the need for highly priced gas may still be worth getting that new Tesla Model 3/X/S. Click here to see more comparisons.

The group insurance plan includes the following benefits for electric vehicle owners:

  • Auto insurance discounts on all types of electric vehicles (Battery and Plug-in Hybrid)
  • Discounts to your home insurance when combined with your auto
  • Home charging systems are covered
  • Membership to the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario
  • 24 hours / 365 days of professional claims service
  • Annual policy reviews
  • Access to other insurance products through Duliban Insurance Brokers

“The Electric Vehicle Society has appointed Duliban Insurance Brokers as our Broker for the Electric Vehicle Society’s group home and auto insurance program. We are thrilled that our members will be able to take advantage of premium savings, specialized coverage endorsements and dedicated and trusted hometown service”.
– Wilf Steimle, President of the EV Society

“Duliban was recommended to me by a local OntarioTesla club, and I have to second their findings. Duliban is by far the cheapest you’ll find if you need to insure an electric vehicle. Not only that, but the service I received was top class. Trevor G. was very professional, helpful and managed to get me the best price I could hope for. Kudos to Duliban. Keep up the good work guys.”
– Frédéric Gagnepain